Thursday, July 20, 2006

13 Reasons Why Comic-Con 2006 Rocks

  1. Free Stuff
  2. Awesome Panels
  3. Finally people who understand my "Rogues Do It From Behind" shirt
  4. You can legally carry a "weapon" without fear of being tagged as terrorist
  5. Largest concentration of geek girls in the world
  6. Realizing there are people who are exponentially nerdier than you are
  7. Chance to pitch your Star Wars/Star Trek crossover idea
  8. An excellent oppurtunity to stalk your favorite creators and celebrities
  9. Wonder Woman
  10. Snakes on a Plane!
  11. Finding that old back issue of Spiderman you just NEED to have
  12. The only time besides Halloween you can dress up and not get weird looks
  13. Princess Leia